Blue tongue lizards getting warm in cold winter

Thanks for global warming, this year it is especially cold. It has got to as low as 1°C outside, means 34°F.  I feel like I am still in the big apple, but it is Hong Kong.

Most of our animal buddies here are the tropical ones. Obviously they have to stay inside with heating. Look how our Australian Blue Tongue Skinks enjoy the basking. During it’s 1°C outside, it’s 24°C inside, and right under the heating spot it can get to as much as 35°C.

These are 2 of our blue tongues, both boys – uncle and nephew. The uncle was a bit overweight in the summer. After months of better diet he has got back his shape!! Look at his lovely waist.

Blue tongues are omnivorous, very much, so most of em in captivity have got too chubby. It looks cute being fat but obesity harms health for the long run (just like people!) so we are happy to see him back in his juvenile shape.


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